In my journey of learning and researching functional fitness I have come across many different resources and websites that I continue to go back to and enjoy refreshing myself on their insights. Below is a listing of some of my favorites.

      My theory on nutrition is explained best by this description from CrossFit : In plain language, base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. That's about as simple as we can get. Many have observed that keeping your grocery cart to the perimeter of the grocery store while avoiding the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Food is perishable. The stuff with long shelf life is all suspect. If you follow these simple guidelines you will benefit from nearly all that can be achieved through nutrition.

      Their are two primary diets that are seem most effective for long term results and health. The Paleo Diet and the Zone Diet. I have tried both with significant success. I prefer the Paleo style best because does not require the detailed weighing and measuring typically associated with the Zone.

Zone Diet : Zone Diet home page
CrossFit Zone Diet : easy to follow Zone Diet guide
Robb Wolf : great starting point about for the Paleo Diet

Paleo Recipe Websites:
Everyday Paleo
Paleo Food
The Foodee Project - really like this one click your fave dishes and it creates a shopping list for you to make them.

      Many of the exercises I perform come from a few primary training programs. Here are the links to find demos for any of the exercises I perform, list of workouts and how to design a workout.

Seal Grinder PT
SealFit Bodyweight Workouts
CrossFit Article

     Here are a couple of links that have loads of reading material that are a great starting point, for inspiration, education and motivation.

CrossFit Journal
Seal Grinder PT Reading Material
SealFit Reading Material

     This is a list of other interesting sites that I check in on from time to time. Hope you find some value to them as well.

Military Athlete
Brass Ring Fitness
Gym Jones
DeFranco's Training
Ross Training
Westside Barbell
Mark's Daily Apple
American Parkour
Catalyst Athletics
Underground Strength Coach
Hybrid Athletics
I Am UnScared