Below are some pictures of my garage gym where I train. This is a very small 1 car garage. My wife has been so understanding letting me take it over. I have a fair amount of equipment which I have accumulated over the last few years, you can see a detailed list below, more than enough to get some good workouts.

In this picture you can see my pull up bar, 24" plyo box, rings,  a rope, and my ruck.

My squat rack with my olympic bar, I use the wall in the back for hand stand push ups

This is the rest of my gear 2 homemade medicine balls, 2 KBs and 20" plyo box.
Detailed Equipment List
Olympic Bar
Squat stand
(2) 45lb bumper plates
(2) 35lb bumper plates
(2) 25lb bumper plates
(4) 10lb bumper plates
(2) 5lb steel plates
(2) 2.5lb steel plates
spring collar set
12Kg kettlebell
24Kg kettlebell
(2) homemade medicine balls approx. 20-23lbs
Ring set
homemade climbing rope
24" plyo box
20" plyo box
belt for hanging extra weight
pull up bar
80lb sandbag