2 AUG 2011

This was an interesting graphic I came across today.  
The Real State of America Atlas: Mapping the Myths and Truths of the United States

Rehab work
Bike 30 min
10 min warm up
4 rounds - resistance set high enough to keep RPMs at 55
2 min work
3 min rest

Band side steps 2 each direction
Stability movement bands around ankles 2 sets each leg


5 pull ups
10 sand bag lifts (ground to over head) 80#
5 chin ups
10 sand bag lifts
5 pull ups
10 sand bag lifts
5 chin ups
10 sand bag lifts
Time: 12:45

The workout was a total smoker. This has been by far the most intense workout I have had to date since destroying my knee. I had the shakes from the strain. Over all really glad to get it done. No pain in my knee it tweaked on a couple reps but that was because I was not maintaining good positioning. Nothing like a little pain to correct poor movement.

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