The basement

So today was my first attempt at anything that resembled a Crossfit workout. I have had this destroyed knee, I am about 6 months into an 18 month recovery process. I have had two surgeries and have couple more still to come. I take Oxycontin just to make it though the day and numb the pain. I am tired of sitting around so today I did a scaled Crossfit main site WOD.

The original workout was run 800M 30 snatches run 800M, well f that today is my fourth day off crutches from my second surgery so I took it easy.

Walk 400M
30 Hang power cleans (45lbs) the bar
Walk 400M
Time: Just glad to get it done, and yes I broke a sweat.

Decided I can't keep doing nothing, I should have been working pull-ups and ring dips much harder than I have been. Well I came back to this blog to for the same reason I started it, to track my progress and keep me motivated.

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