Run/Overhead Squat/Pull ups

Got this workout again from the Crossfit main site again.

3 rounds

400m run
75lb overhead squat 30 reps
21 pull ups

I don't really know what my time was forgot to start my clock I was working out with my 10 year old step son today. He loves football so I worked on his body weight squat. He did 3 rounds of a 80lb sandbag flip 10 reps and 20 jumping jacks. I was happy to have him get a workout in. He has been visiting his dad the last couple of weeks for the holidays, so he has been loading up on junk and doing nothing but playing video games.

This workout was a smoker for me. I am terrible at overhead squats, mentally getting this workout done as Rx was a victory for me. Plus out of necessity, I learned the hard way about keeping my shoulders active and my should blades contracted after I had to dump a few reps at the bottom because the weight went forward on me.

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