Light Day

I have a PT test on Thursday and from personal experience I know that 2  days of good rest lets me reach max recovery and not back slide on performance. So today I took it easy. I did the rest stretch+recovery day workout from Seal Grinder PT, except for the Yoga poses just ran out of time this morning. I spent a good amount of time stretching my hamstrings freaking deadlifts on Sunday really tore them up.

This evening I just "played" with my kids. They sat on an old tire I turned into a drag tire and I drug them around the front of my place. They got a kick out of it and I got some active recovery. Also did some pull up and toe to bar work.

Tomorrow will be lots of stretching in prep for Thursday. I feel confident of meeting or exceeding my goal of a 240+ score.

Here is a funny video I came across about running enjoy.

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