Training and Philosophy (TAP)

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I have been thinking about many of the training programs I read, research and follow. I have decided to generate my own programming based on my personal athletic experiences and inspiration from the following resources.

My Goal: Develop a training program that utilizes Crossfit principles that can be customized to meet an athlete's specific need or sport.

Crossfit has proven that training a broad range of athetic skills at high intensity improves overall fitness and athletic capacity

Seal Fit
Has shown that with regular training, higher volume Crossfit style workouts
can be achived. They break their regular workouts into sections adressing diffrent athletic capacities, some of the primary areas are;strenght, stamina, work capacity and durability.

Crossfit Football
Crossfit Football has taken Crossfit princples and applied it to direct preparation for a specific sport. I really hope to see this same principle applied to basketball, I think it would be fantastic to see a Crossfit Basketball or Crossfit Hoops program. If it can be done for football it can be done for other sports.

I would like to break my workouts into to four primary catagories. Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Flexibility. I belive addressing these areas will provide the greatest benifit to athletes of all levels myself included. I intend to train 3 capacities per training day. This will allow for the rotation of training categories to prevent over training, and to allow for training to be completed in what I believe to be a reasonable time period 60-90 minutes. This time period should allow for an athlete to still manage family, work, school and general life commitments.

I will expand in future posts on how these catagories can be used to tailor programming.

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