Dips/Squat Cleans and Sit Ups

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4 rounds
10 dips
10 squat cleans with 35lb dumbbell
20 military style situps

News: Soldiers Turn to Diet Pills and Liposuction

Being in the military and having my own battles with weight control issues, I can relate somewhat to this article.

That said, it is BS. I monitor myself, and make smart decisions to control my weight, I don't starve myself, or use laxatives. I think people that are using these techniques are the people that only do PT the month before a PT test and then realize its not enough time to get themselves to standard. A little more discipline people come on!

While I have the public opportunity to be on a soap box I will say this about Army fitness testing. There should only be one standard either you pass the physical test (push ups, sit ups, and run) or not. If you weigh 300lbs and can run 2mi in 16min more power to you. Either make the standards harder or quit wasting the time. The other body fat measurement issue is the method of measurement. The method is essentially a ratio of the circumference of the neck and waist for males and neck hips and forearms for females. This system has a stated inaccuracy of 10%. That is pretty wide inaccuracy considering the standards for a 18 year old male has a max allowable body fat percentage of 20%.

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