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This picture was to cool not to share courtesy of Crossfit Main Site

Today I did the workout from Crossfit main site.

7 rounds
3 reps 185lb front squat
7 reps L Pull ups

I did not record my time I just wanted to get though this bastard. My squat strength is terrible so the front squats were a real bear. I am not great a L Pull ups but I manage to get through them.

Check out the new page I added "The Gym" it has pictures of my training space and a detailed list of equipment I currently have available to me. My next project is to make a sandbag. Many years in the military I have accumulated some extra duffel bags. I am undecided on what weight to make it I am thinking some where between 90-120lbs.

The homemade sandbag I am making is going to be done using the instructions from Rob at Mountain Athlete he made a great video you can see below.

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