Back Squat/Over Head Press

Today was a good first day back after the holiday.

I played hoops for about an hour then did a max test on my back squat and over head press. I was pretty happy with my squat performance I PR'd by 10lbs. OHP was same as my last Crossfit Total

Back Squat: 265#
Over Head Press: 165#
100 sit-ups


Here is a funny video hope you enjoy. I would pay to get to exact this kind of revenge :)

Printer problem in Iraq - Watch more Funny Videos


Cold Run

Today was cold, winter is definitely here. Wore sweats long sleeve shirt and a beanie cap and was still pretty cold while running.

10 pull-ups
20 sit-ups
10 OHS with a bar

2 mi run in my FiveFingers

I don't know what it is about the shoe change but my posterior chain is absolutely smoked.


Short Grind

Today just did a short grinder workout (15 minutes) inspired by SEALFIT. It was just a continuously running circuit of various calisthenics mixed in as many creative ways as possible. Cannot remember everything but I did mix in some clapping push-ups which I have not done in a while, and some jump squats. Then some good stretching time. My hamstrings are very sore after yesterday. Still very jet lagged from a recent work trip. Great way to get my blood going this evening.


Barefoot Run

Just got back from a long business trip. Decided to day was D-day for switching my running to FiveFingers shoes.

Did 2 mi today it felt really good. Calves are pretty tired can tell different muscles are emphasized.